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There are a lot of crazy thought inside architects' mind, but in the real world, there are still full of challenge. Among all of them, the most strict one should always be gravity. Under such test, originally light design, under so many limit consideration, unfortunately become clumsy and senile in the end.

In builds far, the structure no longer is only the stiff check, also no longer is the creativity shackles, but has the vitality to leap the note, we are glad to accept the challenge, is glad to use our structure specialty, assisting the architects to connect between the imagination and the reality.


Public Works

Apart from common residential cases, the company has contributed much to public works. For example, the Kaohsiung Public Library, Taipei Art Museum, Tauyuan National Airport and so on are well-known representative works, combined with innovation, beauty, safety, performance of the works law, building far companies in public works on the success, but back to the original intention, is to achieve the purpose of serving the public.


Educational and Medical Facility

School is the place of implementation of education, a "people" as the center of the stage of activity, a variety of people to create a diversified space needs, school buildings are no longer simply absorbing the knowledge of the place, but represents the individual and group characteristics of the overall display. 

In the construction of far, we let the school building is no longer just a simple learning space, it can be a beautiful landmark, the cradle of talent, inspire creative stage, so that students in full of flexible and creative environment free development, towards a new life. 




Not only the bridge may be the channel of contacting, there are way more possibilities; As soon as the bridge being the beautiful line spans over the river course , also a symbol of making breakthrough.

Here In Envision, we make the bridge no longer be only the monotonous combination of bridge piers. Coordinates the different demand, we may be able to make the bridge conforms to this local style under the most economical condition.


Office and Industrial Building

good structural planning can make space use flexibility better, also can save building materials use, we use value engineering (Value Engineering) The concept of evaluates the cost, reliability, and performance of various scenarios, and sums up the best reasonable scenarios.

In addition, to produce wafers, TFT-LCD panel or other photoelectric products in the High-tech industry, its equipment or semi-finished products are extremely delicate and fragile, so the plant for earthquake resistance has a higher standard of demand, through the seismic isolation analysis design, we can make the effect of vibration reduced, not only reduce the damage caused by earthquakes, for the improvement of the yield has a significant effect.



As a structural consulting firm, it has also been involved in construction and development cases. From excavation analysis to the final whole construction of foundation design, including continuous wall analysis, earthwork survey, Basic engineering method, support design, all by our own hands, not only structure, construction far focus on each stage of the building, for the overall project to bring more efficient planning.

International Cooperation

In recent years, the company has also actively expanded its international horizons, neighboring countries of Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea to build far companies often cooperate with the target, and internationally renowned architects, works and domestic and foreign, the type is not limited to traditional buildings, buildings, innovative technology and beautiful design through the construction of far and international masters of the skilful, The beautiful works of building a single tree in all places.